Take These Steps To Fix Your Employer Brand

You know your company’s brand is important. So, what if your messaging isn’t working for your organization anymore? Don’t worry. You can fix this. 

Follow these steps to get your employer brand back on track. 

Conduct a Brand Audit 

Start by giving your employees a quick survey. Ask them to, “Tell me about our company’s brand.” Their responses probably will fall into one of four categories. 1) They’ll say, “I don’t know.” This means you need to work on developing your organization’s identity. 2) They’ll describe something significantly different than your actual brand. This indicates you may need to revisit your message. 3) They’ll give the right answer but with hesitation. This suggests you need to focus on promoting your brand. Or, 4) they’ll respond confidently and correctly. If this is the case, your branding efforts are going well.  

Clarify Your Message 

If most of your employee’s responses are in either category 1 or 2, then your brand is unclear. Consequently, your first step should be to define (or redefine) your employer brand. Look for messaging that is both specific to your organization as well as authentic. For example, “excellent customer service” or “top-quality merchandise” are too generic. In addition, make sure you do what you say you do. For example, if you’re encouraging people to “think different,” you need to provide an innovative and exciting product line.   


Once you’ve clarified your brand, you want to broadcast it. (And, this applies to all four categories.) In his book, The Culture Code, by Daniel Coyle, pointed out leaders often assume the group thinks the way they do when, in fact, this isn’t true. In other words, even if you feel as though your branding is 100% obvious, your employees still may miss the message. Coyle discovered successful leaders got their point across by drastically overcommunicatingStatements of priorities were painted on walls, stamped on emails, incanted in speeches, dropped into conversation, and repeated over and over until they became part of the oxygen.  

Put Someone in Charge 

An effective brand doesn’t simply happen. It requires continuous effortTherefore, many companies designate a certain person (or people) to officially oversee their brand. This may be a chief creative officer or a chief branding officer. In other organizations, departments work together to cultivate the brand. For instance, the CEO may be the face of the brand, HR may recruit brand-fit employees while the marketing department sells the brand to consumers.  

Repeat as Needed 

With branding, there is no finish line. Brands evolve over time, and your organization will need to provide ongoing guidanceAs a resultplan to re-evaluate your brand on a regular basis. 

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