Our Founder

Mike Armburst
Honoring the Memory of Mike Armbrust A Leader, a Visionary, a Friend

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Mike, our beloved founder and President of Connectology. He was a true visionary who led us on a journey of progress, built this company from the ground up with a passion for making a positive difference for people.

Mike's legacy will live on in the foundation he built and the values he instilled in our company. We are committed to continuing his vision of Connectology. His legacy will forever be a part of the connections we forge.

Mike will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

About Mike Armbrust

With 16 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Mike ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing this office in 2007. Beginning as a Manufacturing Engineer, Mike progressed through various roles such as Industrial Engineer, Production Manager, Quality Manager, and Purchasing Manager during their 13-year tenure at Polaris Industries.

Leaving behind a successful career in manufacturing management, Mike founded this business with a strong belief that the key to successful enterprises lies in matching highly qualified individuals with suitable positions. Drawing from a decade of managerial experience, Mike recognized that optimal organizational performance hinges on the alignment of skilled personnel, strategic planning, and a culture of growth and continual improvement.

Throughout Mike's tenure, they have facilitated the placement of numerous exceptional candidates within manufacturing firms across the upper Midwest. In each instance, the hiring of a top-tier "A Player" resulted in tangible benefits for the company, often leading to promotions for the candidates. By ensuring a harmonious match between candidate and company culture, Mike has witnessed transformative shifts in the lives of these individuals, as they embrace their new careers with enthusiasm and purpose.

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