Here’s Why You Want A Recruiter That Tells You “No”

When you signed up to work with a recruiter, you might have been hoping they would answer “Yes” to any of your requests. However, sometimes a definite answer isn’t in your best interest.

Here’s why you want to partner with a recruiter who’s willing to tell you “No.”

You Want to Make a Great First Impression and Land That Job 

You may think your resume is top-notch and your interview skills are first-rate… until your recruiter says, “Not quite.” Although your first reaction to this constructive criticism may be frustrationconsider your recruiter’s suggestions. Since recruiters work in hiring day in and day, they know what businesses are looking for in a candidate. A few adjustments to your application materials and/or interview tactics could be the difference between job searching for days versus job searching for months.      

You Want to Focus on Best-Fit Positions 

What if you find what looks like a perfect job for you… and your recruiter advises you not to apply? Ugh. Why not? Once again, assume your recruiter knows something you don’t know. (Keep in mind, professionally, they may not be able to tell you the whole story.) Maybe you are over- or under-qualified? Maybe this company has a less-than-stellar reputation? Or, maybe this position was promised to an internal candidate and the interviews are just for show? By listening to your recruiter, you can save yourself the time and aggravation of going down a dead end. 

You Want to End Up in the Right Place 

If you insist on applying for a position despite your recruiter’s objections, sure, it could work out. But again, you could be wasting good advice. Top recruiters excel at making matches. They are familiar with lots of different organizations, and they have an idea of what would work best for each of their candidatesAnd remember, finding yourself in the wrong job can be devasting. Not only will you have to figure your way out of a tough situation, but also, you’ll need to relaunch your job search. This could leave you wishing you’d paid attention to that “No” the first time around.    

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