7 Reasons You Need To Prioritize Employee Training

Because professional development isn’t cheap, your organization may consider cutting back. However, generally, that’s not the best idea. 

Here are seven reasons why you should prioritize employee training. 

1. Stay Innovative

Especially in today’s ever-changing world, you need your team to remain current on the latest advances and technology. Otherwise, all those superstar candidates you hired several years ago will be out-of-dateAs a result, your business will suffer.

2. Increase Productivity

When you continually train your workers, they learn new and better ways of doing things. This leads to faster processes and less waste. Done correctly, the long-term benefits of training far outweigh the short-term costs. 

3. Improve Product Quality

Not surprisingly, greater innovation + greater efficiency = better products. And, better products result in happier customers and higher profits. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember; a one-time training session won’t be a magic solution. To be effective, professional development must be an ongoing, company-wide endeavor. 

4. Allow Your People to Excel

When your organization provides easily accessible training, you help interested employees build their skill set more quickly. And when your organization actively encourages training, you nudge more hesitant employees into action. This culture of learning and growth pushes everyone toward their fullest potential. 

5. Decrease Turnover

Many managers worry well-trained workers will take advantage of professional development opportunities and then take their talents elsewhere. Although this does happen, overall, training usually reduces turnover. In fact, a recent study at Facebook showed employees were more motivated to stay at a job that promoted their careers through learning and development.    

6. Create a Talent Pipeline

Recruiting, hiring and onboarding are expensive. Wouldn’t it be useful if, at least some of the time, your organization could hire from within? Employee training helps you realize this goal. According to hiring expert, Scott Wintrip, talent manufacturing, cross-training and upskilling are widely under-utilized throughout the business communityTherefore, you can reduce hiring costs and put yourself ahead of the competition by improving the skill sets of your current workforce. 

7. Build a Stronger Brand

When you hear about a company offering amazing professional development, what comes to mind? You probably think of higher-quality products, happier employees and better customer service. Isn’t that a brand you want to buyAnd, just think, it can all begin with a greater commitment to employee training.  

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