The Do’s and Don’ts of Interviewing Over Video

You received an invitation to an interview, but it’s a video interview. Now, you’re not sure what to expect. That’s OK. You’ve got this. Simply follow these do’s and don’ts for interviewing over video. 

When Interviewing Over Video… Do 

  • Take the Interview Seriously 
    It’s tempting to think video interviews aren’t as serious as in-person meetings. However, this isn’t true. In fact, many organizations use video or phone conversations to eliminate candidates early in the process. And if you don’t make it past the first round, you won’t get the job. Therefore, prepare thoroughly by researching the company and rehearsing commonly asked interview questions.  
  • Find the Right Location 
    When interviewing over video, YOU get to pick the location. So, choose carefully. Loud noises, constant interruptions and cluttered walls are both distracting and unprofessional. Identify a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed. If you’re having trouble finding a neutral background, consider using the “blur my background” feature offered on most video platforms.     
  • Double Check Your Equipment 
    Even a minor technical difficulty could bring your interview (and your chances of getting the job) to an unfortunate end. As a result, set everything up ahead of time. Download any necessary software. Then, test your camera, microphone and internet connection by running a mock video interview with a friend. Of course, sometimes, despite your best efforts, things still will go wrong. If you do experience an unexpected glitch, be ready to switch gears quickly. For example, if a surprise lightning storm knocks out your power, call in on your phone instead.    
  • Follow-Up 
    A simple post-interview thank you note can help your interviewer remember you for all the right reasons. Plus, since many people overlook this step, it’s a wonderful way to stand out from the crowd.  

When Interviewing Over Video… Don’t 

  • Move the Camera 
    We’ve all seen one of those shaky home videos. And you don’t want your interviewer to feel seasick. So, when you’re checking your equipment (see Do #3), identify the best camera angle. Then carefully secure your camera or phone and leave it until the meeting is over. 
  • Dress Too Casually 
    Although you could get away with interviewing in a formal top matched with your pajama bottoms, this isn’t a smart idea. To take the interview seriously (see Do #1), you need to dress appropriately from head to toe. Not to mention, if you happen to stand up, it’s going to be awkward. 
  • Get Distracted 
    As with an in-person interview, you want to give the interviewer your full attention for the entire time. This means not only finding a quiet location but also turning off alerts on your computer and phone. Also, avoid any other potentially disruptive activities such as chewing gum, eating or taking excessive notes.    

Are You Looking for More Ways to Ace Your Next Interview? 

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