You Should Be Using Online Reviews to Improve Your Job Search

When you’re searching for employment, you know it’s a smart idea to research organizations by visiting their websites and social media channels. But, what else?

Here’s why you should be using online reviews to improve your job search. 

Where to Find Reviews 

Company reviews are merely a search away. Both Google and Facebook provide five-star rating systems. However, keep in mind, these reviews usually come from customers rather than employees. And while a public image is important, you’re hoping for workers’ perspectives also. Fortunately, websites like Glassdoor focus especially on the employee experience. 

Why Online Reviews Will Improve Your Job Search 

  • Gain Insider Insights
    One of the best ways to discover what it’s like to work at an organization is by talking to people who are there alreadyEspecially if you don’t have connections at the company, online reviews are a fantastic resource. Reading first-hand accounts of life as an employee can help you decide if this position might be a good fit. 
  • Uncover General Trends
    Most companies have at least a handful of negative reviews. After all, you can’t make everyone happy. Thereforebe sure to look for overall themes rather than isolated comments. For example, if twenty out of fifty reviews mention outstanding professional development opportunities, you probably can assume this organization encourages employee advancement. 
  • Identify Red Flags
    Sometimes a position seems like an amazing opportunity… until your first week on the job. Luckily, online reviews can alert you to potential problems before you end up in the wrong place. For instance, comments may celebrate a laid-back work environment. But if you perform best in a structured setting, this organization may not be right for you.   

How to Use Reviews Effectively 

  • Don’t Exclusively Rely on Reviews
    Although online reviews are helpful, they don’t necessarily tell the whole story. To gain a complete picture of the organization, examine multiple resources. These may include everything from press releases to your personal experiences with the company.     
  • Keep Things in Perspective
    According to Wharton professor, Eric K. Clemons, “People are much more likely to write reviews if they have extreme emotions about something.” (The New York Times, 2018) As a result, take those first-rate comments as well as those negative rants with a grain of salt. Often, three-star reviews provide the most detailed and honest information. 
  • Apply What You Learned
    So, you’ve got some insider information. Now, use these insights to investigate further. Obviously, you’ll need to be diplomatic. You don’t want to say, “So, I saw lots of online reviews complaining about high turnover. What can you tell me about that?” But you could shrewdly inquire, “How often, when, and why do people leave this organization? 

Are You Looking for More Ways to Improve Your Job Search?

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