Improve Employee Retention

Looking to Improve Employee Retention? Find Ways to Improve Your Screening and Hiring Process

July 7, 2022

The effectiveness of your screening and hiring process impacts your employee retention rates. The better quality of hire you have, the longer your employees should remain long-term. As a result, if your employees are leaving at an unreasonable rate, you should be paying attention to your hiring process. The following tips can help. Implement these…

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Benefits of Upskilling Your Light Industrial Workers

November 6, 2020

Sometimes manufacturing companies hesitate to provide training for their employees. After all, these programs can be expensive. However, the long-term gains usually far outweigh the initial costs.  Here are the top benefits of upskilling your light industrial workers.  Higher Performing Employees  What if your employees didn’t see their job as a just a job but rather as a career-building opportunity? Do you think they would work harder? You bet.…

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