Looking to Improve Employee Retention? Find Ways to Improve Your Screening and Hiring Process

The effectiveness of your screening and hiring process impacts your employee retention rates. The better quality of hire you have, the longer your employees should remain long-term.

As a result, if your employees are leaving at an unreasonable rate, you should be paying attention to your hiring process. The following tips can help.

Implement these suggestions to improve your hiring process and employee retention.

Promote Your Employer Brand

Candidates want to know what it’s really like to work for your company. This is why sharing your employer brand is so important. It shows what your company’s mission, vision, and values are and how they impact the work environment.

You may want to use videos, photos, blog posts, social media, and employer review sites to showcase your employer brand. This increases the number of candidates who apply for your positions.

Share Your Employee Value Proposition

Your employee value proposition (EVP) emphasizes what advantages and rewards candidates can expect if they work for your company. It emphasizes how the role fulfills candidates’ needs.

Include what differentiates your organization and the role from your competition. This may involve perks, flexibility, or career progression. You should attract a significant number of high-quality candidates.

Automate Resume Screening

Odds are you receive more resumes than you have time to evaluate. However, waiting too long to review a resume can cause you to lose the best talent to your competitors.

You can resolve this issue by using software powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to screen resumes. This significantly reduces your time to hire without sacrificing your quality of hire.

The technology analyzes your job description, then searches your applicant tracking system (ATS) to find candidates who fit the requirements of your open position. This helps identify the candidates you may want to contact for interviews.

Personalize the Candidate Experience

Candidates expect a response to their job applications. This is why automation is so important. You can use technology to reduce the administrative burden of hiring while providing a personalized candidate experience.

Use automation to screen, rank, and reply to every resume you receive. This creates a shortlist of candidates identified as strong matches for a role.

You can use this information to develop relationships with your top candidates. This includes uncovering their needs, determining their fit, and encouraging them to consider the opportunity.

Client Testimonial

Connectology understands that a highly effective screening and hiring process leads to greater retention. The following client testimonial demonstrates our commitment to this objective:

“The Connectology team has been providing highly qualified candidates to our organization for years. The confidence we have in their screening process is extremely high and well-proven by the candidates they provide to us for our review. They consistently outperform their competition utilizing all of the available technologies and additionally leveraging their endless network. As a CEO, I am always concerned with hiring and retaining the best talent. Many of my leaders in our current organization have come to us from Connectology. Utilize their recruiting services with confidence!” Brad – President/CEO

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