Benefits of Upskilling Your Light Industrial Workers

Sometimes manufacturing companies hesitate to provide training for their employees. After all, these programs can be expensive. However, the long-term gains usually far outweigh the initial costs. 

Here are the top benefits of upskilling your light industrial workers. 

Higher Performing Employees 

What if your employees didn’t see their job as a just a job but rather as a career-building opportunity? Do you think they would work harder? You bet. Upskilling allows individuals to learn new skills, to push themselves to new heights and, ultimately, to become more valuable employees. Plus, in most cases, your workforce will recognize and appreciate the investment you’ve made in THEMAs a result, they’ll repay you with greater engagement and productivity.       

Less Turnover 

According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Learning Report, 94 percent of employees said they would stay at an organization longer if that company invested in their careersThis makes sense. Because when workers have plenty of opportunities WITHIN a company, they don’t have to search for those opportunities elsewhere. Thereforeupskilling is a smart way to help prevent the unwanted expenses of high turnover 

A Larger Talent Pool 

Since technology is constantly changingmany manufacturers have trouble finding workers with the right skill set. So, what can your organization do to build your talent pool? Hiring expert Scott Wintrip recommends, if you can’t find candidates, “create them. Strategies may include upskilling (skills to boost careers), reskilling (skills to remain employable) and cross-skilling (skills to become more versatile). For example, when telecommunications giant AT&T found competition was fierce for tech-savvy recruitsthey developed targeted upskilling programs. AT&T currently employs about 250,000 workers and spends roughly $200 million annually on employee training. (SHRM, 2020) 

Increased Diversity 

As Ryan Carson, CEO of Treehouse, points out, “Upskilling is a powerful way to improve diversity.” (SHRM, 2020) Often businesses have lots of diversity in entry-level roles but not in upper-level positions.  When companies chart pathways for employees to advancethey move diversity up through the ranks of the organization. And since research shows the most diverse companies have higher profitsthis can be a wise investment  

Competitive Edge in the Marketplace 

Your company has a diverse workforce, a large talent pool, low turnover and high performing employees. Not surprisingly, you’ll probably have a significant edge over your competitors too. Although upskilling seems like a simple idea, it can have far-reaching positive effects on everything from employee morale to your company’s bottom line.  

Is YouCompany  Interested in Upskilling Your Light Industrial Workers? 

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