Should I Answer the Recruiter Messaging Me on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a wonderful place to connect with your colleagues and other professionals in your field. So, what if a recruiter messages youHere’s why and how you should respond. 

Why You SHOULD Answer a Recruiter Messaging You on Linked 

Learn About New Opportunities

Maybe you are happy in your current position. However, what if you could make more money? Receive better benefits? Or work on an up-and-coming product line? Hmmm… Maybe you are interested after all? Often, a recruiter can introduce you to job openings you didn’t even know existed. And if you do decide to stay where you are, at least you’ll have an idea of what’s out there.

Expand Your Network

You may be in a stable, long-term position. Nevertheless, it’s a smart plan to keep a recruiter in your contact list. As the pandemic recently proved, the economy may change quickly. A year or a few months from now, your current role might not be as secure as it once was. A professional recruiter can help everyone from welders to top-level executives find the right-fit jobs. And having a pre-established recruiter relationship will make your employment search faster and easier. 

Build Your Career 

Regardless of whether you decide to pursue this opportunity, you’ll gain valuable insightsFor example, if the open position requires certain certification, you could pursue this education to make yourself more marketable in the future. Or, if the recruiter mentioned higher pay, you may be able to use this knowledge to negotiate a raise.   

How to Respond to a Recruiter’s Message 

Ok. You’ve decided to answer the recruiter. Now, what do you say? Here’s how to send a message back. 

Request More Information

Let’s say youre 95% sure you aren’t interested in this position. It still doesn’t hurt to explore potential possibilitiesIn the end, this is HOW you find out about new opportunities. Start by asking the recruiter to send you a job description. Or, if you’d prefer to chat, have them give you a call. Sometimes the fluidness of a phone conversation allows you to learn more.  

Be Honest

It’s fine to tell the recruiter you’re not interested at any point in the process. Just let them know as soon as possible, so you’re not wasting their time. If you’re not sure what approach to take, check out these templates for replying to a recruiter message on LinkedIn.  

Keep in Touch

Remember, even if you responded, “No Thanks,” staying connected with the recruiter can improve your long-term career growth. Therefore, be sure to express gratitude for their consideration and their timeFinally, ask if you may reach out to them if circumstances change. This is a fantastic way to keep your options open. 

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