Work With a Recruiter to Advance Your Welding Career in 2021

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statisticsthe need for trained welders is expected to continue to grow throughout the next ten yearsAre you hoping to advance your welding career in 2021? Here’s how working with a recruiter could be in your best interest. 

3 Reasons Why Working with a Recruiter Could Advance Your Welding Career 

You’ll Discover Better Options

Did you know lots of welding jobs are NEVER advertised? This is known as the hidden job market. Many organizations prefer to hire internally, use a recruiting service or rely on referralsBecause often, this method is both cheaper and more effective than traditional “Help Wanted” adsSo, what if… your perfect job isn’t even listed? Fortunately, recruiters have the connections to tap into this hidden job market. And chances are, they can uncover multiple positions you wouldn’t find on your own. Plus, since recruiters work closely with hiring managers, they understand each company’s mission, culture and expectations. As a result, they‘ll be able to match you with not simply any-old welding role but rather a best-fit position with opportunities for growth. 

You’ll Receive Expert Advice

Job-hunting is like buying a car. To get the best deal, you need to do your research. You’ll want to know how to create a resume, write a cover letter and give a top-notch interview. Does this sound exhausting? Don’t worry. Once again, a recruiter can offer guidance and support. Recruiters will review your application materials, coach you through interviews and give you insights as to what companies are looking for in their employeesThus, you’ll be able to land that perfect job faster and easier than if you were searching on your own. In addition, if you maintain a relationship with your recruiter, they will continue to advise you throughout your welding career.  

You’ll Make More Money

Recruiters understand the current job market. They know what welders earn in your area and what your specific skill set is worth. Some recruiters will even assist with negotiating your salaryAnd since most companies pay agencies a flat fee based on your first year’s salary, recruiters earn more if YOU earn more. Therefore, they’ll be very investing in getting you the best possible deal.  

Are You Hoping to Advance Your Welding Career in 2021? 

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