Is There Room for Women in Manufacturing?

Traditionally, manufacturing has been a male-dominated industry. So, is there room for women in manufacturing? The answer is yes, of course!  

Why It’s Important to Have Women in Manufacturing 

Manufacturers Are Facing a Talent Shortage 

According to a recent reportthe U.S. will need to fill 4.6 million manufacturing jobs in the next decade. And a projected, 2.4 million jobs may be left open due to a lack of trained workers. Encouraging underrepresented groups, including women, to pursue this field is one of the best ways to expand the talent pool. 

Diverse Workforces Are More Innovative 

Women manufacturers provide a unique perspective. They may be able to suggest better products or streamlined processes that others failed to consider. In fact, research shows, companies who employ people with diverse backgrounds and experiences are 70% more likely to capture new markets. 

How to Attract More Women to Manufacturing Careers  

Redefine the Industry 

When you ask someone to describe manufacturing, they may use terms like monotonous, labor-intensive and low pay. However, today’s jobs are rewardinghigh-tech, six-figure-paying jobs where women excel. Changing this perception is a tall order. Nevertheless, your organization can start the process by launching its own marketing campaign. Consider spotlighting jobs on your social media accounts and/or offering to give presentations at local schools and colleges. 

Highlight Your Role Models 

Showing successful woman manufacturers on the job can be inspirational to future generations as wellYou may choose to feature these individuals in online and print publications. Plus, they could serve as mentors and ambassadors. 

Offer Training Programs 

Another fantastic strategy to attract both women (and men) to manufacturing is by holding ongoing training sessions. This could include on-the-job upskilling for current employees or free or low-cost seminars or certification courses for individuals outside your organization. These programs may require a financial commitment. Yet ultimately, they not only build good will, but also improve the skill set of your current and future staff.  

Watch Your Recruiting Language 

Often manufacturing recruiting efforts unintentionally discourage women from applying. For example, are you hiring a skilled tradesman or a craftsman? In addition, certain words, like analyze and determine, are associated with male traits while others, like collaborate and support, are considered feminine

Provide More Family-Friendly Schedules 

Many women worry a career in manufacturing won’t give them the flexibility needed to manage their responsibilities at home. A 2017 survey by Deloitte confirmed this concern. Based on 600 responses from woman manufacturers, flexible work practices ranked as the #2 most impactful program. (Formal and informal mentorship programs topped the list at #1.) For companies, this means addressing everything from maternity/paternity leave to a healthier work/life balance. 

Are You Hoping to Bring More Talented Women (and Men) into Your Manufacturing Organization?    

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