How a Staffing Firm Helps Currently Employed Job Seekers Find Better Opportunities

Searching for a new job can be stressful. You may not hear back from employers or receive feedback on how to improve your search.

This is why you should partner with a recruiter from a staffing firm that specializes in your industry. The recruiter can use their experience, insights, and unadvertised opportunities to increase your odds of landing a job.

Discover some advantages of including a staffing firm in your job search and how Connectivity can help.


A staffing firm recruiter is involved with the job search process every day. This means they thoroughly understand the job market.

The recruiter is current on what is happening in the immediate market. They have a unique perspective that job seekers do not have. This includes the current market for a particular skill or experience and other details that job seekers likely do not know about.

As a result, the recruiter can help you navigate the market changes. They can provide direct guidance on how the market is, what to expect, and what to do about it. This reduces the odds of experiencing surprises or challenges along the way.


A staffing firm recruiter typically works with the same clients and hiring managers over many years. This means the recruiter knows what a manager likes and how they like it. The recruiter also understands the job that needs to be filled and what the manager will and will not hire.

The recruiter can provide you with these insights to increase your odds of success during an interview and a potential employment relationship. They also can provide you with feedback from an employer about why you may not be right for a role.

Hidden Job Market

A staffing firm recruiter has access to jobs that are not publicly advertised. Because the recruiter’s clients trust them, they turn to the recruiter with confidential job openings before opening them up to the general market.

In some cases, a recruiter can help you get a job when a company does not have an opening. Because of trust and insight, the recruiter knows the types of experience that a hiring manager is interested in. Even if the manager is not actively looking for candidates, the recruiter can contact them to discuss a candidate they may be interested in meeting with. The manager may decide to create a job because of a need the candidate can fill.

Partnership with Connectology

A recruiter from Connectology can match you with an employer looking for your manufacturing skills and experience. Our expertise lets us guide you to the best manufacturing opportunities in the upper Midwest.

We provide you with key information and guidance throughout the hiring experience. This includes background on companies, the hiring team, and what they are looking for during the interview.

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