How Often Should I Provide Safety Training to My Employees?

Your employees’ safety is your top priority. This is why you need to provide safety training on a regular basis.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires you to train employees on any hazards they may encounter while at work. This includes everything from electrical hazards to hazards involved with working at heights.

Because safety is an ongoing concern, safety training needs to be an ongoing process. This is why the training should be conducted multiple times throughout the year.

The following are some of the best times to provide safety training to your employees.

Health and Safety Orientation

OSHA requires safety training during health and safety orientation. The training must be done even when hiring experienced workers. If a role requires certification, you also need to update the training or provide access to training at regular intervals.

Before Visiting a Job Site

Your workers need safety training before starting work at a new job site. Because every job site is different, the risks vary. Awareness of these risks and training on how to eliminate or minimize them reduces the risks of accidents and injuries.

After a Near Miss

Along with after an incident or injury, you should provide safety training after a near miss. Even if there is no loss, this is an indicator that something went wrong. Providing safety training can reduce the odds of a similar incident happening in the future.

After a Safety Audit

You should provide safety training after a safety audit. This gives you information and methods to improve the safety practices at the job site. Updating workers on these topics helps increase safety in worker practices and behavior.

Annually or After a Process Change

You need to provide safety training either once a year or after a process change, whichever comes first. Annual training keeps safety on workers’ minds and updates them on best practices. This helps workers maintain their knowledge of the risks to look for and methods to eliminate or reduce them.

Covering safety topics in small doses throughout the year increases worker retention of the material. You may choose among continuing education, weekly safety stand-down topics, or training that OSHA requires you to regularly update.

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