You Should Be Using Online Reviews to Improve Your Job Search

June 26, 2020

When you’re searching for employment, you know it’s a smart idea to research organizations by visiting their websites and social media channels. But, what else? Here’s why you should be using online reviews to improve your job search.  Where to Find Reviews  Company reviews are merely a search away. Both Google and Facebook provide five-star rating systems. However, keep in mind, these reviews usually come from…

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Take These Steps To Fix Your Employer Brand

June 24, 2020

You know your company’s brand is important. So, what if your messaging isn’t working for your organization anymore? Don’t worry. You can fix this.  Follow these steps to get your employer brand back on track.  Conduct a Brand Audit  Start by giving your employees a quick survey. Ask them to, “Tell me about our company’s brand.” Their responses probably will fall into one of four categories. 1)…

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Here’s Why You Want A Recruiter That Tells You “No”

June 12, 2020

When you signed up to work with a recruiter, you might have been hoping they would answer “Yes” to any of your requests. However, sometimes a definite answer isn’t in your best interest. Here’s why you want to partner with a recruiter who’s willing to tell you “No.” You Want to Make a Great First Impression and Land That Job …

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7 Reasons You Need To Prioritize Employee Training

June 5, 2020

Because professional development isn’t cheap, your organization may consider cutting back. However, generally, that’s not the best idea.  Here are seven reasons why you should prioritize employee training.  1. Stay Innovative Especially in today’s ever-changing world, you need your team to remain current on the latest advances and technology. Otherwise, all those superstar candidates you hired several years ago will be out-of-date. As a result, your…

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