10 Safety Tips All Light Industrial Workers Should Follow

If you work in a factory, warehouse or plant, you know your job presents various dangers. So, what can you do to keep yourself and your coworkers safe? Here are 10 top safety tips for all light industrial workers. 

Top 10 Safety Tips for Light Industrial Workers 

  1. Use Tools and Machines Properly

    When you’re having a busy day at work, it’s tempting to take a shortcut. However, using tools incorrectly or applying the wrong tool frequently results in accidents. Proper maintenance of tools and machinery is important as well. 

  2. Understand Workplace Hazards

    Some light industrial jobs present greater risks than others. Be sure you recognize and know how to handle the dangerous parts of your job. This may include everything from climbing ladders to handling chemicals.

  3.  Keep Work Areas Clear

    Clutter can be an accident waiting to happen. Clean up after yourself and remind others to do the same. Discard garbage, put tools away and keep passageways clear. 

  4. Attend to Slippery Surfaces

    Slippery surfaces easily lead to trips, slips and falls. Clean up spills immediately and regularly treat icy areas in the winter. If you can’t fix a slippery area on your own, put up a caution sign until the problem is solved.   

  5. Prevent Objects from Falling

    Especially in a warehouse setting, poorly stacked items could injure someone who is simply walking by. Stack items straight up and down, and place heavier items on the bottom. Utilize additional protections such as nets, toe boards and toe rails when necessary. 

  6. Wear Your PPE

    Personal protective equipment or PPE often isn’t comfortable, but it keeps you safe. Wear your gear correctly and as required. If you notice any problems with your PPE, ask your supervisor for a replacement so you stay protected.  

  7. Lift Correctly

    Lifting an object the wrong way could cause an injury that lingers for year. Check out this slide show to master proper lifting techniques. And if something is too heavy, don’t overexert yourself! Ask for help or use a mechanical aid such as a forklift or trolley. 

  8. Be Alert

    A light industrial job requires constant attention. To stay alert, start by making a good night’s rest a top priority. Eating healthy snacks, drinking enough water and taking regular breaks helps you maintain your focus too. 

  9. Stay Sober

    Drugs and alcohol interfere with your ability to do your job and put you (and everyone around you) at risk. Plus, these types of accidents are completely preventable. Stay sober at work and save your partying for after hours.  

  10. Report Unsafe Conditions Immediately

    Don’t hesitate when you see a problem. Fix or report it immediately. And if you feel nervous about talking to your supervisor, check out these tips on going to your boss with safety concerns. 

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