How Frequently Should You Review Safety Training?

Your organization understands the importance of safety, and you carefully train all your new hires. However, you realize this isn’t enough. Your employees will need refresher courses too. So, how frequently should you review safety training? 

Companies Should Review Safety Training… 

Annually, Quarterly, Monthly and/or Weekly 

Since your everyday business keeps you busy, it’s easy to let safety training slide. Therefore, most safety-conscious organizations automatically add training to their calendars. The frequency of this instruction depends on both your company’s needs and the subject matter. For instance, in a high-risk industry, weekly safety check-in sessions may be useful. On the other hand, if you’re providing an overview of general concepts, an once or twice-a-year session would be more appropriate. 

As Required 

Although you may have control over the timing of some training, in other cases you’ll need to follow pre-established standards. For example, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates the timing between several types of training. In fact, failure to correctly train employees in certain areas often ranks in the top 10 OSHA violations. Generally, training timeframes range from one to three years. Examples of instruction that must adhere to a schedule include forkliftCPR and asbestos training. 

When Needed 

Of course, sometimes you can’t plan training in advance. Let’s say you see an employee doing something wrong. If he or she is unclear about the process, signing them up for extra instruction as soon as possible is probably a smart idea. Similarly, if someone was trained, but wasn’t working in an area for a few years, a refresher course may be necessary. Finally, if your organization purchases new machinery or implements new processes, you’ll want to coordinate additional training for everyone involved.  

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