Your Staff Will Adore These Employee Appreciation Ideas

Building an attractive company culture requires employee appreciation. Employees who feel appreciated have greater job satisfaction. This increases engagement, performance, and morale.

The longer your employees remain with your organization, the lower your recruiting costs. This improves your bottom line.

Choose among these suggestions to express employee appreciation.

Implement Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Employees appreciate recognition from their peers. Knowing that their peers are paying attention to their performance increases productivity and collaboration.

Thank Employees on Social Media

Post on the company’s social media accounts how your employees went out of their way to complete a project or reach a goal. Commend them for their dedication to the organization.

Give a Gift Card

A gift card for a favorite restaurant, café, coffee shop, or store shows you care about your employees. You know what they like and want them to choose a special item in appreciation for their hard work.

Buy Lunch

Take your employees out for lunch. Talk about their latest accomplishments and impact on the organization. Let your employees know how grateful you are for their hard work.

Share Company Swag

Company-branded swag, such as t-shirts and jackets, promotes employee pride. It shows you are proud your employees work for your organization.

Hand Out Concert Tickets

Invite your employees to a local concert they want to attend. Show their hard work is noticed and appreciated.

Offer a Spa Day

Send your top performers to a day spa. Reward them for their top-level contributions and results.

Gift a Subscription

Provide your employees with a subscription to a streaming service, meal kit delivery service, or subscription box of their choice. Customized subscriptions show you want to fill employees’ personal needs because they fill your work objectives.

Provide Additional Paid Time Off

An extra day off lets employees destress. They can spend time with family and friends, pursue hobbies, or engage in leisure activities.

Celebrate Milestones

Recognize employee work anniversaries. Talk about their top accomplishments and impact on the company. Include a commemorative plaque to take home.

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