Ways to Make Employee Mental Health a Competitive Advantage

The ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic has made mental health awareness more important than ever. The more mentally healthy employees are, the more engaged and productive they should be.

Demonstrating that your company prioritizes employee mental health gives you a competitive advantage. Emphasizing wellness shows your employees are valued and respected assets for your organization. This increases your employee attraction and retention rates.

Choose among these seven ways to make employee mental health a competitive advantage:

Provide Mental Health Benefits

Include mental health services as part of your company’s health insurance plan. Counseling and therapy sessions are vital to your employees’ wellness. Encourage managers to support employees in using these services.

Prioritize Work-Life Balance

Offer remote or hybrid work arrangements, a flexible schedule, and generous paid time off. Also, encourage employees to use all of their vacation days. Time spent with family and friends supports robust mental health.

Create a Supportive Environment

Provide a work environment that encourages employees to discuss their mental health concerns. This may include asking managers to share their struggles and how they manage their mental health. Offer relevant resources and support when needed.

Train Managers on Mental Health Awareness

Educate managers on recognizing signs of employee mental health concerns. Include ways to provide resources and support when needed. For instance, managers might approve a leave of absence for employees who experience the death of a family member.

Encourage Open Communication

Send out an anonymous survey about employee mental health. Include questions about how your company can better provide mental health resources and support.

Promote Employee Self-Care

Encourage employees to eat healthy foods, exercise daily, and sleep well. Also, consider offering wellness benefits such as reimbursement for yoga sessions, meditation classes, or other wellness activities. Additionally, provide wellness-related employee assistance programs (EAPs) or other mental health resources.

Encourage Getting Help

Remind employees that getting help for their mental health concerns is a sign of strength. They may be able to use the mental health resources offered through your company’s health insurance or EAPs. Or, your employees might get support from a nonprofit organization in your community.

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