Do Managers Play an Important Role in Employee Motivation?

As a manager, you play an essential role in employee motivation. This includes encouraging employees to interact according to company culture and perform their best.

Motivated employees maintain strong engagement, performance, and productivity levels. They also experience high job satisfaction, employee morale, and organizational loyalty.

You likely take different approaches to motivate other employees. Providing what is most important to each employee encourages them to remain productive. This helps increase your bottom line.

Find out how you can elevate employee motivation as a manager.

Set Employee Goals

Help your employees create goals that align with company goals. Also, clarify your expectations and key performance indicators (KPIs) for reaching these goals. Then, regularly check in to determine your employees’ progress. Understanding what they should be working toward motivates your employees to achieve their objectives.

Understand Your Employees’ Motivations

Find out what motivates each of your employees. Examples include money, benefits, praise, work-life balance, and job security. Then, use each employee’s source of motivation to encourage them to remain productive. For instance, an employee motivated by money would likely be interested in earning a bonus for reaching a goal.

Consider Your Employees’ Wants and Needs

Help your employees get what they desire as much as possible. For instance, if an employee would like a promotion, outline the criteria that must be met and provide the necessary resources and support. These actions help motivate your employee to reach their goal.

Provide Employee Feedback

Share constructive feedback to improve your employees’ performance. Include what employees do well, what they could do better, and specific steps to improve. Showing you care about your employees’ performance motivates you to add value to the organization continuously.

Lead by Example

Display the motivated behaviors you would like to see from your employees. This should include planning, staying organized, and finishing work on time. It also should involve open communication and asking for help when needed.

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