Top 5 Things a Staffing Agency Can Help With

Have you ever worked with a staffing agency? If not, you might not know the top things an agency can help with.

A staffing agency helps employers reduce the time and money spent on hiring employees. Employers can fill temporary staffing needs, expand their candidate search, and add qualified team members.

A hiring manager details their needs and requirements with the staffing agency. Then, the agency sources, interviews, and vets the best candidates. Next, the agency schedules the top candidates to interview with the manager. After, the manager extends a job offer to the preferred candidate, and the agency negotiates on the candidate’s behalf. Finally, the agency helps with onboarding and regularly follows up to ensure complete satisfaction for all parties.

Discover the top five things a staffing agency can help with and why you should consider using their services.

1. Expanded Candidate Search

A staffing agency can connect you with qualified candidates who fit your hiring needs. Because the agency has a vast, deep network of skilled talent, you gain access to active and passive candidates that you might not reach alone. As a result, you can quickly hire the candidate you need to help achieve company goals.

2. Effective Workload Distribution  

A staffing agency can provide temporary workers to fill in during employee absences or help out during busy seasons. Having additional support to handle the workload helps improve productivity, reduce employee stress, and prevent burnout.

3. Performance Evaluation

Bringing aboard temp-to-hire workers lets you observe their performance before making a permanent hiring decision:

  • You can evaluate the worker’s knowledge, skills, abilities, adaptation to the work environment, and fit with company culture.
  • You can monitor the worker’s reliability, progress, achievements, and desire to take on additional tasks and responsibilities
  • You can talk with team members, HR, and leaders for input on whether to extend a permanent job offer

4. Time Savings

Working with a staffing agency lets you access skilled, vetted workers when you need them:

  • You can scale your staffing according to your workload demands.
  • You avoid having to write job descriptions, share job postings, review many resumes, interview many applicants, and conduct background checks.
  • Because temporary workers are highly skilled and experienced, they require little onboarding and training to begin producing.

5. Financial Savings

Adding temporary workers to your team costs less than hiring employees:

  • Temporary workers are vetted and ready to begin producing.
  • You can increase productivity to avoid paying overtime.
  • Because a staffing agency employs temporary workers, the agency is responsible for hiring, payroll, benefits, employment taxes, unemployment insurance, unemployment claims, and related expenses.
  • You pay for only the services used.

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