Make Your Voice Heard at Work

If you have difficulty making your voice heard at work, know you are not alone. Women, minorities, and introverts tend to have challenges speaking up and having their contributions acknowledged.

More than anything, you must trust your voice and know that you have a right to be heard. Implementing the following suggestions can help get your ideas, opinions, and accomplishments recognized at work.

Choose among these methods to make your voice heard at work.

Focus on Being Respected Rather Than Liked

Sharing your thoughts and opinions helps you progress in your career. As a result, you should contribute as much as possible to discussions. Giving your perspective and earning respect is more beneficial to your professional path than being liked by your colleagues and coworkers.

Plan What You Want to Say and When to Say It

Consider the words you want to use and an appropriate time to share them:

  • Privately practice saying the words out loud to gain confidence in sharing your message.
  • Prepare for any pushback you might receive.
  • Include how you could respond to objections and stand your ground.
  • Determine whether a weekly one-to-one or team meeting may be the best time to contribute your thoughts.

Practice Your Delivery

Most of how your message is perceived involves how you say something rather than the words you use. As a result, you should practice physical actions such as making eye contact, using gestures and maintaining the right posture and vocal elements such as volume, tone, pacing, and speed to impact how others hear your message. You want to come across as confident so your voice is heard.

Be Clear and Direct

Get right to your point when making your voice heard. For instance, avoid using words such as “I think” or “I feel,” which soften your message and make you sound less confident. Also, keep your thoughts concise to hold others’ attention as you speak.

Build Strategic Relationships

Find a colleague or coworker whose input you respect and whom you are comfortable sharing your ideas with. Then, get to know them so they can have your back at work. You might ask the person to provide you with support to speak up during meetings or in other situations where you have difficulty being heard.

Is It Time to Change Your Workplace?

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