Tips as a New Manufacturing Engineer

You just accepted a job as a manufacturing engineer. So, how can you start off on the right foot? Here are three tips to help you begin the newest chapter in your career.

How to Successfully Launch Your Job as a Manufacturing Engineer

1. Be Ready Introduce Yourself

Your new co-workers will want to get to know you. Therefore, prepare an informal 30-second speech to introduce yourself. You may choose to highlight your education and your work background as well as what drew you to this company. Also, throw in a few personal details about your hobbies, interests and/or favorite sports teams. And of course, feel free to customize your speech slightly from one individual to the next. For example, if you notice someone has a picture of a golden retriever in their office, you could mention you’re a dog lover too.

2. Ask for Help When You Need It

In any job, you’ll need some time to learn the ropes. Fortunately, many companies are proactive, and they’ll automatically match you with an onboarding buddy or a mentor. However, if this isn’t the case, ask your supervisor whom you should go to with questions. Of course, you don’t want to go running for extra assistance every time you hit a minor glitch. Try to figure things out on your own first. Yet, if you’re truly stuck it’s better to seek out advice than to make a major mistake.

3. Put in Your Time

As a new hire, you should be ready to work. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to log 70-hour weeks. Nevertheless, try to avoid unnecessary time off for the first few months. Additionally, consider volunteering for extra projects (if you have the time) and/or learning or reviewing applicable skills outside of work. The more committed you are, the faster you’ll get up to speed. And ultimately, this approach benefits both you and your new company.

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