How to Prove Your Manufacturing Management Skills Without Having a Team

You’d like to pursue a leadership position in the manufacturing industry, but you’re not in a supervisory role. So, what can you do to gain experience? Here’s how to prove your management skills without having a team. 

Top Ways to Improve Your Management Skills When You’re Not a Manager 

Volunteer for Projects 

Even seemingly minor assignments will give you practice planning, organizing, coordinating teams, running budgets, juggling responsibilities, and meeting goals. And to become a successful manager, you’ll need to master all these skills. You may want to start small and gradually take on larger projects. Additionally, seek out assignments that offer personal growth potential. For instance, if you wish you knew more about balancing budgets, look for opportunities with financial duties attached. 

Improve Your Communication Skills 

Managers must have excellent verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills as well as strong listening skills. After all, to effectively led people, you need to be able to communicate with them. Building better communication skills requires study, practice, and time. There are numerous resources available including paid online coursesfree online classes, articles, and books. Also, be sure to apply what you’ve learned in everyday conversations when leading projects and throughout your business interactions.   

Coach and Mentor 

In addition to leading, managers also are responsible for developing their teams. They need to bring out the best in their employees, and this requires coaching and guidance. If you have a few years of experience under your belt, consider stepping into a mentorship role. Many companies have formal mentorship programs, but if yours doesn’t that’s OK too. Simply seek out other coaching opportunities such as running training programs or helping new hires learn the ropes.   

Practice Conflict Resolution 

In a workplace environment, it’s easy to complain about coworkers, argue with customers and join in on office gossip. However, managers should resolve rather than cause conflicts. Begin by holding yourself to a higher standard. For example, instead of bickering with a colleague over politics, look for ways to keep the conversation more civil. As with communication, a few basic conflict resolution strategies and lots of practice will allow you to perfect your skills.   

Assist Your Coworkers 

Often, people associate managers with important titles, higher salaries, and corner offices. Yet, as former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt points out, “Managers serve the team.” Before you become a true leader, you must gain the respect of those working for you, and that begins with lending a hand. So, when your coworkers need help, pitch in, provide words of encouragement and share your knowledge. Assisting, inspiring, and taking care of others will make you a leader long before you step into a management role.    

Are You Interested in Moving Up to a Management Position? 

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