Preparing Your Warehouse for a Second Wave of COVID

Medical experts across the country are predicting surge of Coronavirus when winter weather hitsAccording to The Washington Postcases across the U.S. could peak as early as November or as late as February.

So, how can you prepare your warehouse for a second wave of COVID?  

Establish Cleaning Protocols 

Although there’s some debate as to how long COVID-19 lives on objectsthe CDC says “the cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection” is a best practice. Keeping your facility clean can prevent the spread of Coronavirus as well as other respiratory illnesses and stomach bugs. (Scientists DO know norovirus can last on surfaces for weeks!) If your company hasn’t already appointed or hire a cleaning crew. Pay special attention to high-touch areas like doorknobs and elevator buttonsrailings, shared computers, tableschairs, countertops and sinks. 

Encourage Everyone to Follow the Rules 

After months of a new normal, many people are beginning to experience quarantine fatigueAnd this, in turn, can cause them to take the rules less seriously. Frequently remind your employees how actions such as wearing face masks, social distancing, hand washing and staying home when you aren’t feeling well ARE saving lives. Consider making general daily/weekly announcements, placing posters around your plant or giving gentle reminders as needed 

Control Entry Points 

Even if your company and your employees are following all the recommended regulations, COVID could still enter your facility from the outside world. Be sure delivery personal, vendors and customers are properly screened before entering your plantEffective strategies could include performing temperature checks at the door and/or requiring guests to complete COVID forms before entry.  

Know Your Supply Chain 

Throughout the spring and summer, many businesses found themselves dealing with not only a global pandemic but also supply shortages. During a second wave of COVID, these shortages could be better or worse. Therefore, you should know where your materials originate. This will help your organization to anticipate problems and develop backup plans. If you DO anticipate supply trouble on the horizon, now is the time to think about substitutions and workarounds.  

Support Your Workforce 

When much of the world went into lockdown in the early spring, most warehouse employees were deemed essential and continued reporting to work. Of course, this created a stressful situation. Your team members may have been worried about their own health AND the wellbeing of their familiesThroughout the next few months, let your employees know how much you appreciate their efforts and provide the resources they need to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Also, clearly outline your business’s plan for dealing with a potential outbreak. Knowing what to expect if something does go wrong will allow your team to feel more protected and secure. 

Does Your Warehouse Need Additional Employees to Prepare for a Second Wave of COVID? 

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