Don’t Let Your Hiring Process Scare Away Candidates

Many companies underestimate the impact of a first impression. If your organization’s application or interview procedures are sloppy, top talent will look elsewhere. Don’t let your hiring process scare away candidates. Create a better experience with these tips. 

Avoid Hiring Practices That Scare Away Candidates 

  • Failing to clearly define the position 
  • Dragging out the application/interview process 
  • Appearing disorganized 
  • Asking inappropriate or strange interview questions 
  • Acting rude or disrespectful 
  • Neglecting to tell the candidate what to expect 
  • And, of course, ghosting candidates 

Focus on Improving the Candidate Experience 

1. Make Hiring a Top Priority

If you don’t take your hiring process seriously, you can’t expect your candidates to either. As former SVP of People Operations at GoogleLaszlo Bockpoints out, “Hiring is the most important people function you have…” Smart candidates realize if a company is taking shortcuts with hiring, they are taking shortcuts with other areas of their business too. And as a result, they’ll look elsewhere.

2. Plan Your Hiring Process from Start to Finish

Effective hiring begins with well-orchestrated recruiting efforts and ends with job offer or rejection. Pay careful attention to each step from writing strong job descriptions to creating a purposeful interview processAlthough some executives like the idea of shooting from the hip, this can result in an unsatisfactory and inconsistent experience for candidates. Not to mention, gut instinct hiring often leads to bad hires and a less diverse workforces. (Forbes, 2019)

3. Sell Your Company’s Strengths

In her bookPowerful, Patty McCord, the former chief talent officer at Netflix writes, Candidates are evaluating you just as you’re evaluating them; people forget that. Our goal [at Netflix] was for every single person who came in for an interview to walk away wanting the job, even if we hated them. We wanted them to think, Wow, that was an incredible experience. It was efficient, it was effective, it was on time, the questions were relevant, people were smart, and I was treated with dignity.” Ease your candidates potential fears. And show them WHY your company is a great place to work by being on top of your hiring game.

4. Stay in Touch

For candidates, sending an application and hearing crickets isn’t fun. Going to an interview and waiting for weeks and weeks only to hear… nothing, isn’t fun. People don’t like getting ghosting. So, treat your candidates the way you would like to be treated. Acknowledge their application with an email. (An ATS can automate this step.) When you invite them to an interview, provide them with an overview of the process as well as approximate timeframes. And, if you decide not to hire them, TELL them. They’ll be disappointed, but in the end, they’ll appreciate your organization’s thoroughness and candor 

Is Your Company Trying to Attract (and Not Scare Away) Top Candidates? 

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