Improving Company Culture for Any Business

Your company’s culture includes your organization’s mission, vision, and values and how employees carry them out. These characteristics impact every aspect of your business.

Having an attractive company culture increases employee engagement, productivity, and performance. This culture also strengthens job satisfaction, employee morale, and attraction and retention rates.

Because your culture impacts your organization’s bottom line, you should continuously take steps for improvement. These ideas can help.

Implement these tips to improve company culture for any business.

Review Your Company’s Values

Your organization’s core values guide everything from employee behavior to business decisions. As a result, you want to have just enough relevant values to serve as a guide for your company:

  • Have no more than five simple, actionable core values so employees can remember them.
  • Ensure your company’s values are applicable and relatable so employees can naturally practice them inside and outside work.
  • Encourage the C-suite, HR department, and tenured employees to help outline your company’s core values.
  • Support human-centric values that define how employees treat each other.

Evaluate Your Current Company Culture

Focus on employee behavior about your company culture:

  • Determine whether your company’s values and workloads energize employees.
  • Focus on whether employees understand and work toward your company’s goals.
  • Pay attention to the positivity of the work environment and employee engagement levels.
  • Determine whether your current culture aligns with your long-term company goals.

Gather Employee Input

Request employee input on your company culture. For instance, send an employee survey to evaluate your culture based on company goals, the work environment, employee engagement, and workloads. Also, talk with long-term employees about how your culture has evolved. Uncover what these employees like best, what they would like changed, and specific ideas for improvement.

Develop Your Plan for Improvement

Detail a plan to improve the areas of your company culture that employees identified. Include an employee engagement strategy, timeline, budget, and benchmarks to measure progress and success.

For instance, if employees suggest that colleague and coworker relationships could improve, you might schedule employee engagement activities outside of work. These activities could be held once per quarter to promote meaningful connections between employees and track their progress.

Track Your Progress

Regularly track and measure your progress in improving company culture. These actions uncover whether you are meeting your goals.

For instance, you might use employee pulse surveys to gather feedback on your company’s culture improvements and measure engagement levels. You can track your progress and adjust your strategy as needed.

Request Help from a Staffing Agency

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