How to Best Support Your Employee’s Goals

Effectively supporting your employee’s goals increases the odds of attaining them. Each goal your employee reaches benefits your organization.

Having a plan to support your employee’s goals provides direction and guidance for success. These methods can help.

Follow these guidelines to best support your employee’s goals.

Involve Your Employee

Encourage your employee to participate in the goal-setting process. Securing buy-in supports ownership and motivation to reach these goals:

  • Talk with your employee about the potential barriers to reaching each goal.
  • Request input as to whether a goal and its timeline are reasonable.
  • Confirm whether your employee has adequate resources to reach their goals.
  • Find out how you can help your employee resolve issues.
  • Determine how your employee would like to be recognized for reaching their goals.
  • Hold your employee accountable for their actions and results.

Begin with the End in Mind

Clarify what you want your employee’s results to look like. Include these details:

  • What your company wants to accomplish
  • What success looks like
  • The timeline and targeted date of completion
  • How success will be measured
  • Each goal’s priority level
  • Potential rewards for reaching a goal

Define the Why

Emphasize why your employee’s goals matter and how they impact your company. Use these details to support employee motivation and focus:

  • Share how your employee and team benefit from attaining each goal.
  • Explain how each goal contributes to the big picture.
  • Detail the knowledge and skills the employee should develop while pursuing each goal.
  • Discuss how each goal aligns with your employee’s career path.

Break Down Your Employee’s Goals

Separate each employee’s goals into manageable steps:

  • Focus on weekly or monthly goals rather than yearly goals.
  • Incorporate steps to reach each goal into the employee’s everyday activities.
  • Taking small steps increases the odds of achieving the goals.

Frequently Communicate  

Regularly talk with your employee about their progress toward reaching their goals:

  • Provide as much guidance as needed for your employee to attain their goals.
  • Let your employee know right away whether their goals must change and why.
  • Encourage your employee to let you know whether they uncover obstacles to achieving their goals.
  • Help your employee solve problems and get back on track when needed.

Make Goal Attainment Fun

Engage your employee throughout the goal-attainment process:

  • Use illustrations, charts, or diagrams to track your employee’s progress.
  • Ring a bell when your employee reaches a benchmark.
  • Award a displayable prize when your employee reaches a milestone.
  • Order lunch to celebrate goal achievement.

Get Help with Hiring

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