How Prioritizing Your Employees’ Mental Health Can Lead to Better Retention

As The Great Resignation continues, your company needs to do what it can to keep the employees that remain. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by promoting mental health among your employees.

The ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic have increased the need to promote mental wellness for your employees. Emphasizing the importance of daily self-care and providing resources to support mental health are increasingly important.

Your employees’ levels of mental wellness impact issues such as engagement, productivity, and retention. Taking action to support your employees’ mental health elevates your company in areas like these. The more mentally well your employees are, the stronger your bottom line is.

Implement the following tips to prioritize your employees’ mental health and increase retention.

Provide a Supportive Environment

Employees who work in a supportive environment are more likely to remain with their employer long-term.

  • Offer flexible hours and remote work options.
  • Provide benefits that promote mental wellness, such as employee resource groups, instructor-led virtual meditation sessions, and individual and family counseling services.
  • Encourage employees to connect with their teammates and manager throughout the day.
  • Help employees feel seen and heard by listening to what they say and implementing their ideas.
  • Remind employees to enforce boundaries and say “no” to tasks they lack the time to handle.

Train Managers

Managers who are trained to promote employees’ mental health are more likely to retain their team members.

  • Balancing the demands of work and personal lives continues to be increasingly challenging.
  • Many employees need help dealing with financial pressures, social isolation, childcare, elder care, tech issues, and distractions at home.
  • Remote employees tend to need additional help to maintain mental wellness while navigating through uncertain times.
  • Additional mental health recharge days often are needed.
  • Ensure each employee has enough tasks and responsibilities to stay busy without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Stress the importance of employees taking breaks throughout the day.
  • Let employees help make decisions whenever possible.
  • Include empathy when talking with employees.

Destigmatize Mental Health

Companies that normalize open discussions of mental health issues encourage employees to remain working with them.

  • Point out how mental illness directly or indirectly affects everyone.
  • Encourage managers and leaders to share their personal experiences with anxiety, depression, or other mental illness.
  • Promote safe spaces for employees to share their own mental health experiences, ask questions, and receive support.
  • Emphasize the fact that asking for help shows courage.
  • Remind employees that self-care must be a priority throughout each day.

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