Easter Egg Hunt! How to Find Your Next Job in Manufacturing

A career in manufacturing can be significantly rewarding. There are multiple jobs available in a variety of industries.

The demand for skilled manufacturing employees continues to grow. This is especially true for jobs that require technology and automation.

Knowing what you want your manufacturing career to look like is one key to your success. Having the education, skills, and experience required to work in manufacturing is beneficial as well.

The following guidelines can help you find your next manufacturing job.

Choose Your Industry

Because many industries rely on manufacturing, you have a variety of fields to work in.

  • These industries include aeronautics/aerospace, consumer goods and products, food, cars, and energy manufacturing.
  • Determine which industry best fits your education, skills, experience, and interests.
  • Focus on industries with companies that offer the salary you desire and upward mobility.
  • The more experience you gain in one industry, the faster you can advance in your career.

Select Your Career Path

Your manufacturing skills and experience may equip you to work in different fields.

  • Map out what you want your career path to look like.
  • Find out which companies are hiring and what the positions are.
  • Narrow down the employers and roles that most interest you.
  • Determine the education, skills, and experience needed to land the job you want.

Fulfill the Job Requirements

Different education, skills, and experience are needed to fill different roles.

  • Find ways to fulfill the requirements for the job you want.
  • A degree from a trade school, an apprenticeship, or on-the-job training may be needed.
  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, business, engineering, could be required.
  • Soft skills such as communication, organization, and problem-solving typically are important.

Keep Your Resume Current

Your resume plays a key part in landing an interview for your next manufacturing job.

  • Hiring managers use your resume to understand how qualified you are for a role.
  • You want your information to be clear, concise, and tailored to the job.
  • Show how your education, skills, and experience make you well-qualified for the position.

Begin Your Manufacturing Job Search

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