Does Your Company Need Additional Help For A Current Project?

Business can be unpredictable. Sometimes things are going along smoothly, and then, a huge project hits. You know your company needs additional help to get the job done. So, now what should you do?

Here are three practical options.   

Option #1 – Ask Everyone to Work Overtime 

Especially if the project is short-term, consider rallying your current team. By approaching the challenge correctly, you can show your employees how this is an opportunity for the whole organization. In other words, the temporarily hectic schedule will be worth the long-term gains. However, you’ll want to have two safeguards in place. First, set a reasonable timeframe. If your workers are putting in sixty hours per week indefinitely, you’re setting your company up for high levels of burnout and turnover. Second, if your workers are salaried, make plans to reimburse them for their efforts. Otherwise, your people are going to feel undervalued and unhappy. Viable compensation solutions may include handing out bonuses at the project’s end or offering everyone extra days off later in the year.     

Option #2 – Bring In Temporary Staff 

Temporary or contract workers are a smart choice for longer-term or seasonal projects. You know you need extra manpower, but you are concerned about the strain this will put on your regular staff. To simplify the temporary staffing process, think about partnering with a reputable employment agency. Staffing firms can send you qualified people who remain on the agency’s payroll. Therefore, you can add and subtract workers as needed. And, your company won’t have to worry about recruiting, hiring, onboarding or unemployment claims. Although your new recruits may require some training, this option often is more cost-effective than paying overtime.      

Option #3 – Hire More Employees 

When your organization is facing a long-term or even permanent increase in workflow, adding employees to your roster usually makes the most sense. After all, you are going to need people who are fully committed to your organization. But… what if you are so busy you don’t have time to hire? Or, what if you can’t seem to find the right candidates? Once again, an employment agency should be able to assist. Most firms provide comprehensive search services. They’ll focus on locating the right people, and you can focus on running your business. 

Is Your Company Looking for Additional Help to Get Through a Current Project?  

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