Find A Job Where They Don’t Treat You Like A Robot

A career in manufacturing can be challenging and exciting. But, working for the wrong company will leave you feeling like a robot. Are you ready to find a better job?

Follow these five steps to discover your next opportunity.   

Define Your Ideal Job 

If you’re unhappy in your current role, you may think, “Anything would be better than this.” However, that’s not necessarily true. You don’t want to go through all the trouble of switching jobs only to find yourself in a similar, or even worse, situation. So, pull out a piece of paper and write down your best-case scenario. Include factors such as type of position, level of responsibility, salary, hours, travel requirements, vacation time, work environment, organizational values, corporate culture and opportunities for professional development. Then, rank your top priorities. Although you’re unlikely to find a 100% match, identifying what’s most important will allow you to narrow your search.    

Brush Off Your Resume 

Now that you know WHAT you want, it’s time to begin your job hunt. Start by updating your resume. When you do see an interesting job posting, you’ll want to have your application materials ready to go. If this seems overwhelming, don’t worry. You can do this. For more tips, check out this article on creating a manufacturing resume.  

Set Up Job Alerts 

Most job boards and staffing agencies offer automated alerts. Rather than spending hours every day staring at your computer, spend a few minutes creating an account and specifying the types of positions you have in mind. Then, sit back and watch relevant openings appear in your email or text messages. It’ll be like having a personal job search assistant.  

Research Companies 

As you begin to receive potential postings, remember to do your homework. Job descriptions may sound fantastic. But, do they tell the whole story? Visit each organization’s website and social media channels, and if possible, talk to someone who works there. As you’re completing your investigation, ask yourself, “Does this seem like a place I would like to work?” If the answer is “Not really,” then keep searching. 

Connect with a Recruiter

Even if you’re comfortable job hunting on your own, a recruiter can be a wonderful resource. Since recruiters are familiar with lots of different companies, they can match you with only the best-fit positions. Plus, many agencies offer resume reviews as well as interview coaching. Therefore, you’ll be able to land your new role more quickly and efficiently. And, since recruiters charge companies, not candidates, all these services are free regardless of whether you find a job through the agency or not. In other words, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  

Are You Ready to Find a Job Where They Don’t Treat You Like a Robot? 

At Connectology, our manufacturing recruiters have connections with hundreds of organizations throughout the upper Midwest. We would be happy to guide you to the best opportunities. Check out our available openings today!