Why You Should Work With a Recruiter in Your Manufacturing Job Search

So, you’re looking for a manufacturing position. Did you know, you don’t have to job hunt alone? Here are five top reasons why you should work with a recruiter in your manufacturing job search.

Discover More Opportunities

When you are job searching on your own, your options are somewhat limited. You can check the job boards and visit company websites and social media channels. You may even be able to take advantage of networking and referrals. But that’s about it. On the other hand, professional recruiters have extensive industry networks and direct contact with hiring managers. They can help you uncover not-yet-advertised positions as well as the hidden job market

Find Your Best Fit

Having more jobs to choose from improves your chances of discovering your perfect match. Also, a recruiter will sort through the possibilities for you, so you begin your hunt with only the best-case scenarios. For example, maybe you would prefer a certain shift? Or, maybe you are hoping to start on a management track? Figuring out which companies fit your criteria can take up a considerable amount of your time. A recruiter will do the leg work for you so that you can focus on landing (instead of researching) your dream job.  

Receive Expert Advice

Recruiters work in hiring day and day out. They can provide insights into market trends, current pay rates, and the most competitive benefits packages. Also, a recruiter can review your resume, let you know what attracts a hiring manager’s attention, and provide interview coaching. However, for the best results, consider partnering with an industry-specific recruiter as they will be more knowledgeable about your exact field.  

Earn More Money

Since a recruiter can offer you more job options along with insights into compensation rates, you’ll be more likely to end up in a higher paying position. Furthermore, many recruiters will assist you in negotiating a higher salary. Often in direct hire placements, the recruiter’s fee (paid by the company, not by you) is a flat fee based on your first year’s earnings. In other words, it is your best interests, and your recruiter’s best interests, to make as much money as possible. 

Build Your Career

Although you may only be thinking about your current job search, a recruiter will be there for you tomorrow as well as today. A recruiter can let you know about ongoing job openings and advise you on career-building opportunities for the future. Make it a point to stay in touch. 

Are You Thinking About Working with a Recruiter for Your Manufacturing Job Search?

At Connectology, our recruiters are experts in manufacturing. We have connections with manufacturing leaders throughout the upper Midwest, and we can match you to the most competitive opportunities. Learn more about the advantages of partnering with Connectology today!