Workplace Winter Safety: Safety Gear Every Employee Should Have

November 27, 2020

Colder weather is on the way. Are you prepared? Here’s a list of workplace winter safety gear every employee should have.  Winter Safety Gear for Employees  Of course, the type of equipment you need depends on your job. If you work mostly outdoors, you’ll need warm clothing from head to toe. Whereas, if you switch between heated and unheated areas, you’ll probably want lighter…

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Predicting Manufacturing Trends for 2021

November 20, 2020

What will manufacturing look like in the upcoming year? Will it offer higher safety standards? More high-tech processes? Changes in the supply chain? Here are our predictions for 2021.  Top Manufacturing Trends for 2021  Employee Safety Will Take Center Stage  Although safety standards have been a priority in manufacturing for years, Coronavirus changed the rules further. Now, organizations are not only worried about slips, trips, falls and faulty equipment but also, sanitizing, social distancing…

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The Importance of Achieving Work-Life Balance During the Holidays

November 13, 2020

November and December are a busy time. So, should you work more or less? The correct answer depends on your situation. However, either way you need to recognize the importance of achieving a healthy work-life balance during the holidays.  Why Work-Life Balance Is ESPECIALLY Important During the Holidays  You Have More to Do Between events, decorating and shopping, life gets hectic during the holidays. Plus, if you job picks up toward…

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Benefits of Upskilling Your Light Industrial Workers

November 6, 2020

Sometimes manufacturing companies hesitate to provide training for their employees. After all, these programs can be expensive. However, the long-term gains usually far outweigh the initial costs.  Here are the top benefits of upskilling your light industrial workers.  Higher Performing Employees  What if your employees didn’t see their job as a just a job but rather as a career-building opportunity? Do you think they would work harder? You bet.…

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