Leading the Line: Key Characteristics of Successful Managers in Manufacturing

As a manufacturing manager, you might have been promoted to this role because of your top-notch work performance, skills, or tenure with the firm. However, you might not have been given the training and resources to onboard, train, manage, and develop your team members.

Working in a manufacturing management role requires different skills than working in a less senior role. Therefore, understanding the key characteristics of successful manufacturing managers supports work performance and career success.

Discover key characteristics of successful manufacturing managers to lead a team effectively.

Successful Manufacturing Managers Openly Communicate with Their Team

Top manufacturing managers regularly communicate with their team members. These managers are approachable, actively listen, and remain open to different ways of doing things.

Prioritizing open communication encourages team members to share issues, ask questions, and request support when needed. Helping resolve issues shows that employees are valued, respected members of your organization.

Successful Manufacturing Managers Share Information with Their Team

The best manufacturing managers provide their team members with information to help them perform their work. For instance, these managers communicate company goals and expectations during individual and team meetings. They also gather their teams to help solve problems as they arise.

Letting team members know what they should accomplish each day supports employee engagement, performance, and productivity. The results include stronger job satisfaction, employee morale, and retention rates.

Successful Manufacturing Managers Stay Calm Under Pressure

Effective manufacturing managers maintain professionalism under challenging circumstances. They stay calm, rational, and in control of their emotions.

Remaining professional during difficult times provides an example for employees to follow. Staying calm also supports communication and problem-solving to overcome obstacles.

Successful Manufacturing Managers Maintain Accountability

Leading manufacturing managers ensure they and their team members are held accountable for their actions. These managers make sure everyone follows through and honors their commitments to themselves and others.

Maintaining accountability helps build trust, collaboration, and team cohesion. Regularly following up helps ensure tasks are completed on time to attain the desired outcomes.

Successful Manufacturing Managers Develop Their Teams

The best manufacturing managers emphasize professional development among their team members. For instance, these managers offer training opportunities to develop the skills needed for advancement. They also regularly check in with their employees to ensure they have the resources and support needed to earn promotions.

Encouraging professional development shows value and respect for employees. As a result, employees are likely to improve their performance and add more value to the organization.

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