Chatbots: How to Seamlessly Navigate the New Hiring Frontier

The use of chatbots can help companies seamlessly navigate the new hiring frontier. These artificial intelligence (AI)-based hiring tools use machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to respond to candidates in a human-like way. The tools learn from each conversation to respond more effectively over time.

Recruitment chatbots automate top-funnel hiring activities. As a result, the hiring team gains time to focus on building candidate relationships, interviewing, and negotiating job offers. This process helps reduce time-to-hire, improve the candidate experience, and attract qualified talent to your job openings.

Benefits of Using Recruitment Chatbots

Including chatbots in your hiring process provides a variety of benefits:

  • Reduced unconscious bias: Hire high-quality candidates based on qualifications.
  • Faster hiring: Streamline candidate sourcing. Review resumes, contact candidates, schedule interviews, and book interview rooms. Improve candidate response time. Free up time to focus on candidate connections, engagement, and job offers.
  • Improved quality of hires: Prescreen candidates. Spend more time forming relationships with qualified candidates.
  • Better candidate experience: Maintain open communication. Keep candidates informed about their stage in the hiring process. Support candidate engagement.

Discover how your company can use chatbots to seamlessly navigate the new hiring frontier.

Prescreen Resumes

Chatbots can screen resumes and ask candidates questions about their skills, experience, and other qualifications. Then, the chatbots use their findings to determine whether a candidate should advance in the hiring process. Candidates who pass are added to a shortlist for potential interviews.

Schedule Interviews

Chatbots can access the hiring team’s calendars, check their availability, and schedule interviews. This process helps coordinate schedules and reduce no-show rates.

Answer Candidate Questions

Chatbots are always available to answer candidate questions about the role and company. Having access to instant information encourages candidates to stay engaged in the hiring process.

Improve Chatbot Performance

Each chatbot’s performance can be tracked to determine what is and is not working and how to improve. The top key performance indicators (KPIs) to track include:

  • Chat engagement: The number of candidates who exchanged messages with your chatbot.
  • Bot messages: The length of conversations between candidates and your chatbot.
  • Rate of confusion: The number of times your chatbot got confused by an unexpected message.
  • Quality of applicants: The number of candidates your chatbot recommended for interviewing or hiring.
  • Conversion rate: The percentage of people visiting your career site who convert into your applicant tracking system (ATS).

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