Are You Making Clear to Your Potential Employee What Is Non-Negotiable?

Interviews often focus on what the candidate can do. However, letting applicants know what your company expects from them is important too. In other words, what are your non-negotiables?

Why Non-Negotiables Are Important

Reduce Turnover
Without question, turnover is expensive. Think about the time you put into making your last hire. This includes sorting resumes, interviewing, screening, onboarding and training. What if this person leaves (or is asked to leave) after a few months? You need to start over. Wouldn’t it be better to find the right person the first time?

Keep Your Team Engaged
Employees who sign up for one job and find themselves in something different than they imagined are probably going to be unhappy. If they don’t leave, they may be negative, critical and disengaged. And, bad fits can do lots of damage.  

Maintain Your Reputation
Bringing the wrong people into your organization hurts your public image. Similarly, failure to be transparent with your candidates can harm your reputation as an employer. Disgruntled hires may leave negative reviews encouraging others not to apply. 

What You Need to Clarify

Job Description
The job title and the job description should accurately reflect the current position. Review descriptions regularly and keep them up to date, so you don’t have to scramble every time you hire. As a bonus, this tactic also can improve the quality of your applicants in the initial stages of recruiting.

Day-to-Day Activities
Even the best job descriptions may not tell the whole story. Provide more specific details by outlining a typical schedule, hour by hour. Or, better yet, have top candidates shadow for a day so they can try out the job for themselves.   

Extra Duties
What if you hired someone but you forgot to mention the job includes weekly travel? Most likely, this is not going to be a welcome surprise. Be sure to include everything the job involves before, during and after working hours.

Hopefully, your employees know their pay rate before the first day. Neglecting to provide this information could lead to controversy. Plus, top candidates (the ones you want to hire) will request this information before accepting the job.     

Company Culture
As organizational consultant Simon Sinek observes, “We do better in cultures in which we are good fits.” Hiring the most talented or top qualified candidates doesn’t guarantee success. One company’s A player could be a disaster at another firm. Look for applicants who would mesh with your existing team. 

Mission & Values
What is most important to your organization? Innovation? Quality? Customer service? Preserving the environment? Doing the right thing? If you bring in an employee who doesn’t believe what your company believes, you will run into problems. Your mission and your values should top your non-negotiable list.

Are Struggling to Add the Right People to Your Team?

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