6 Traits of Effective Team Leaders

Influential team leaders serve as decision-makers, coaches, and visionaries. These leaders behave in ways that positively impact employee engagement, performance, and productivity. The results include increased job satisfaction, employee morale, attraction, and retention rates.

The effectiveness of team leaders impacts whether employees remain long-term with companies. As a result, these leaders continuously develop their leadership skills to increase their influence on their teams and gain support.

Discover six traits of effective team leaders and how you can develop them.

1. Team Commitment

Influential team leaders are dedicated to their employees’ success. These leaders provide their team members with the necessary training, resources, and support to achieve their goals and build their careers. The results include significant team trust, cohesion, and growth.

2. Open Communication

Influential team leaders regularly communicate with their employees. These leaders share company news, ask their team members to develop and implement innovative ideas, and encourage constructive feedback to improve performance. These leaders communicate openly to clarify expectations, motivate their teams, and resolve conflicts.

3. Active Listening

Influential team leaders listen to what their teams have to say. These leaders focus on what their team members say, ask follow-up questions, and restate what they hear to check their understanding. Then, these leaders add informed, thought-out responses to the conversations.

4. Leading with Empathy

Influential team leaders consider their employees’ situations and viewpoints when making decisions. These leaders also think about the potential consequences of their choices when determining how to proceed. As a result, these leaders’ employees trust and support their choices.

5. Embracing Failure

Influential team leaders encourage learning from mistakes. Because failure is part of success, these leaders view making mistakes as opportunities for growth. As a result, these leaders inspire their teams to determine what went wrong and how to do better next time.

6. Building Future Leaders

Influential team leaders help their employees develop their leadership skills. These leaders delegate tasks, provide stretch assignments, and offer training opportunities for their team members to develop the skills required for more senior roles. The results include team member career development and additional leaders within the organizations.

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