What’s the Best Way to Provide Ongoing Safety and Compliance Training to Your Team?

Workplace safety and compliance training is a top priority for your manufacturing team. You understand that reducing the risks of employee illness and injury protects your employees and the bottom line.

However, you may have trouble finding the time to conduct the training and verify its effectiveness. You also might have difficulty following up with refresher training.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to incorporate employee training on a regular basis and measure its effectiveness. The following ideas can help.

Follow these guidelines to provide ongoing safety and compliance training for your manufacturing team.

Implement Training Technology

Use a learning management system (LMS) to help manage your employees’ training. You can schedule and deliver the appropriate training to reduce documentation errors and safety risks.

LMS software and apps sync with your HR platform to document and manage your training records. This saves time and shows that your employees understood their training topics.

Tracking your training data helps you identify any gaps at the individual or organizational level. You can fill the gap to reduce the risk of illness or injury.

Include Site-Specific Photos and Videos  

Make your safety training more relevant and relatable by using course-authoring software. You can add site-specific photos and videos to increase engagement in your training process.

This increases the likelihood of your employees correctly and safely performing their duties. It also encourages your team to show others proper execution of the responsibilities.

Make Your Training Interactive

Audience-response training technology uses games and quizzes to promote employee engagement. This makes training fun and encourages friendly competition.

The technology digitally documents employee understanding of the training. It also identifies team members who need additional support. This increases the overall safety of your team.

Create an On-the-Job Training Program

An on-the-job training (OJT) program helps employees learn the proper ways to complete tasks. This helps answer questions and avoid mistakes that can impact production.

Managers can use apps to create and deliver effective OJT. This helps accurate information and proper work procedures be passed among your employees. It also lets your team members know where to go when they have questions.

Monitor On-the-Floor Behavior

Use behavior-observation technology to monitor and electronically track employee performance. This helps determine improvement in employee behavior while working. You can determine whether your team members are being both safe and productive.

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