What to Bring to a Job Fair

You’re looking for a job and you’ve decided to attend a career fair. Great! Now, how should you prepare? Here’s our list of what to bring to a job fair. 

7 Things to Bring to a Job Fair 

1. Background Information About Attending Companies  

Wandering around aimlessly at a career fair isn’t the best strategy. Instead, do your homework. Before you attend, go to the job fair’s website. Find out which businesses will be there and make a list of your top five to ten organizations of interest. Research those companies by visiting their websites, following their social media channels and reading their online reviews. Not only will you be able to better focus your efforts, but also, you’ll come across as a more knowledgeable candidate.

2. Copies of Your Resume 

Even if you’ve already applied to a company, handing a recruiter a piece of paper may help them to remember you better. Plan to bring at least 20 to 30 copies. It’s better to have too many than too few.

3. Targeted Resumes

If you are interested in certain positions, create a customized resume for each of those organizations. A resume that matches the job description shows exactly why you would be a top candidate for the role. Use post-it notes to keep track of who gets what.

4. A Plain Folder 

To stay neat and organized, place everything in a simple, newly purchased pocket folder. This can hold your resumes as well as any paperwork you pick up. Stay professional by sticking with a neutral color (black, blue or dark green). 

5. Your Cell Phone

Your phone allows you to easily exchange contact information, take pictures of business cards and type up/review notes. However, always follow proper cell phone etiquette. Looking at your phone while you are talking with a representative makes you look rude and disinterested. Keep your phone silenced and out of sight until you need it.

6. Your Elevator Speech 

When you walk up to a recruiter, know what you are going to say. Begin with a 30 to 60-second elevator pitch. Tell who you are. Then, list your top two to three qualifications or experiences that would make you a great fit. Practice your elevator speech in a mirror or in front of others so you appear well-spoken and confident. But, be careful not to over-rehearse. A memorized pitch will sound boring and robotic. 

7. A Positive Attitude

Spending the day at a career fair can be exhausting, so get a good night’s sleep. Also, set goals to keep yourself on track and maintain your enthusiasm. These may include: “Speak to at least 20 recruiters before the end of the day,” or “Hand out all ten of my targeted resumes by 2:00.” 

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