Using Your EQ to Enhance Project Management

You have a fantastic team, but you’d like to further improve their productivity and performance. So, what can you do? Here’s how to use your EQ to enhance project management.  

What Is EQ? 

Whereas IQ (Intelligence Quotient) measures a person’s cognitive abilities, EQ (Emotional Quotient) measures their ability to understand and manage emotions. People with high EQs recognize the emotions of both themselves and those around them. Then, they use these observations to make the most of a situation. Ultimately, EQ is a building block for working well with others.   

How Can You Use EQ to Enhance Project Management? 

Communicate More Effectively 

Even the most talented employees won’t be able to complete a project if they don’t know what’s expected of them. Your EQ lets you interpret people’s reactions. Do they understand what you are saying? Or are they simply nodding along because they’re afraid to ask questions? By carefully observing your worker’s facial expressions and body language, you should get a better idea of where they stand. If they are confused, you’ll have the opportunity to communicate information in more effective way.    

Build Stronger Relationships 

A high EQ allows you to be empathetic. Instead of judging your employees, you try to put yourself in their shoes. Why did they arrive late, miss a deadline or make a mistake? And… what can you do to help? Plus, by modeling this behavior, you’ll encourage employees to work as a team rather than as competing individuals. This relationship-building, in turn, reduces stress, encourages collaboration, sparks creativity and results in more successful projects.   

Make Better Decisions 

Keeping your emotions in check helps you make informed decisions. You’ll base your judgments on facts and data not on what you feel might be true. In addition, the strong relationships you’ve built with your team will work to your benefit too. Since your employees see you as approachable, they’ll be more likely to make suggestions and point out potential problems. And considering as many different vantage points as possible usually leads to the best outcomes.   

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