Top HR Challenges and How to Address Them


HR is experiencing significant challenges as The Great Resignation continues. The top HR challenges are workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), engagement, employee wellness, and retention.

Understanding the causes of these HR challenges helps you effectively address them. The sooner you resolve the issues, the stronger your bottom line.

Discover some top HR challenges and how to address them:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workforce

Emphasizing DEI in your culture is essential to attract and retaining talent. According to a Glassdoor survey, 76% of job seekers consider diversity when evaluating companies and job offers. They want to work for companies that prioritize DEI.

Employees’ diverse backgrounds and perspectives contribute to the creativity and innovation that move the company forward. Providing equity ensures equal opportunities and outcomes for employees. Inclusion helps employees feel like valued members who belong to the team.

For instance, you can increase diversity by having diverse interview panels ask all candidates for a role the same questions in the same order and use a rubric to score the answers. Also, you can promote equity by prioritizing wage equality. Plus, you can support inclusion by prioritizing inclusive leadership.

Employee Engagement

Your employees’ motivation and commitment to the organization impacts their performance. This affects productivity, retention, and your bottom line.

Employee engagement is essential for your company’s success. However, chronic disengagement is an issue for most organizations.

Having relevant processes in place helps promote employee engagement. For instance, provide the necessary resources and support to complete the work. Also, request and act on employee feedback. Plus, frequently recognize employee accomplishments.

Employee Wellness

More employees are leaving their roles for different opportunities. This means the remaining team members are taking on additional tasks and responsibilities.

The increased workloads are raising employee stress levels. This can lead to physical and mental health concerns and burnout.

Employees with poor health experience more significant absences and increased healthcare costs for your organization. They also lower your company’s productivity and performance.

Providing benefits that support physical and mental health helps lower employee stress and burnout. For instance, you can offer remote or hybrid work options and a flexible schedule to promote work-life balance. Also, encourage employees to use all of their paid time off annually. Plus, organize companywide initiatives that support healthy eating, daily exercise, and mindfulness activities.


Encouraging talent to remain long-term can be challenging. Hiring, onboarding, and training new hires involves a significant amount of time and money. This impacts employee motivation, productivity, and your bottom line.

You can increase retention by offering attractive competitive benefits and perks such as remote or hybrid work, a flexible schedule, and increased paid time off. You also can train managers to build trust with their teams by providing as much independence as possible to complete work. Plus, you can offer an employee value proposition that elevates the employee experience and encourages company loyalty.

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