The Future of Sustainable Manufacturing

Resource scarcity, rising energy costs and pollution are all problems in today’s world. As a result, businesses are facing a challenge. They must produce their goods in a way that’s more efficient and less harmful, or in other words, sustainable.

Here’s what the future of sustainable manufacturing may hold. 

Companies Will Realize Sustainable Manufacturing Is Smarter Manufacturing 

For years, businesses have recognized sustainable manufacturing is “the right thing to do.” After all, what organization wants to be known as a resource gobbling, toxic waste-producing, environment destroying corporation. However, sustainable manufacturing is not only good for the earth and its inhabitants but also for the companies themselves. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) points out the advantages to organizations in The Business Case for Sustainable Manufacturing. Benefits include increased operational efficiencyless waste, fewer compliance issues, reduced costs, better reputation, greater access to financing and capital as well as easier employee hiring and retention. These factors, in turn, lead to a competitive advantage, higher profits, and of course, long-term viability and success. 

Sustainable Manufacturing Will Be Applied to the Entire Business Model 

When most people think of sustainable manufacturing, they picture a factory producing goods. Nevertheless, production is only part of the process. For example, an organization may have implemented award-winning sustainable manufacturing methods throughout their plants. Yet, if they’re routinely sourcing their materials from thousands of miles away, ultimately, they have limited efforts in place. Shipping methods and excessive packaging are another source of concern. Therefore, sustainable manufacturing practices need to extend all the way from the raw materials to the delivered final product. Some companies even take this one step further by providing their customers with a straightforward way to recycle used goods.  

New Technologies Will Boost Sustainable Manufacturing Practices 

Today’s and tomorrow’s innovative technologies will make sustainable manufacturing easier than ever before. Advances in 3D printing (or additive manufacturing) allow companies to produce components on-site rather than having them delivered from far away. Meanwhile, nanotechnology and the Internet of Things (IoT) make it possible for systems and products to communicate with each other. Combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence, this creates opportunities for machines to automatically identify and apply the most effective production methods. These small, but impactful, corrections would have required hundreds of hours of data collection and calculations in the past. Now, they can be completed in the blink of an eye.  

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