The Best Platforms to Conduct a Video Interview

Between advances in technology, cost-cutting measures and social distancing, many companies have begun to leverage virtual interviews. If your organization is thinking about exploring a video format, you’ll want to find the best platform. Here’s an overview of five popular options (in alphabetical order). 


myInterview provides a video widget that can be easily added to your existing recruitment site. Their product includes invitations, analysis of candidate responses and 24-hour support. The basic plan is free, but it only includes one job posting and thirty interviews per month. So, you may need to upgrade to a monthly subscription fee.   

Pros: Easy to use, free basic plan   
Cons: Basic plan is limited 


Owned by Microsoft Corporation, Skype allows users to make one-to-one and group video calls over the internet. Skype is easy to download, and it works on mobile devices (Android and iPhone), computers and tablets. Although Skype-to-Skype connections are free anywhere in the world, you will need to either pay-as-you-go or buy a subscription when making calls to a non-Skype device. Skype offers many interview-friendly options such as background blurs, recording, screening sharing and even a live coding environment.   

Pros: Easy to use, cross-platform, free basic plan   
Cons: Not as comprehensive as other interview-specific products    

Spark Hire 

Spark Hire is a cloud-based video interviewing platform developed specifically for HR departments and staffing professionals. Spark Hire’s award-winning software provides a wide range of services like scheduling, live and recorded interviews, analytics and ATS integration. Your candidates may interview either with a webcam or by downloading a mobile app.   

Pros: Easy to use, a comprehensive recruiting platform    
Cons: Requires a monthly or annual subscription fee 


Founded in 2009, VidCruiter was one of the first video interview services. Like Spark Hire, VidCruiter has a robust platform that lets you customize and automate your recruiting efforts. Features include scheduling, live and recorded interviews, skills testing and ATS integration. VidCruiter offers free demoscustomized pricing and discounts for nonprofit organizations. 

Pros: A comprehensive recruiting platform with multiple product lines, flexible pricing 
Cons: Requires a fee 


Zoom exploded in popularity during the COVID-19 crisis. Like Skype, Zoom provides an easy-to-use, reliable, cross-platform option for video and audio conferencing. Zoom’s free basic plan allows for unlimited calls of forty minutes or less. To gain access to longer meetings and more features, Zoom offers monthly subscription plans. If your company is conducting a handful of basic video interviews, Zoom should work out fine. However, for a larger-scale virtual recruiting program, you’ll probably want to consider a more robust platform.       

Pros: Easy to use, cross-platform, free basic plan   
Cons: Not specifically designed for recruiting, recent security concerns 

Are You Looking for More Help with Hiring? 

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