Our Team

Mike Armbrust


I worked in the manufacturing industry for 16 years prior to opening this office in 2007. I started my career as a Manufacturing Engineer and held positions such as Industrial Engineer, Production Manager, Quality Manager and Purchasing Manager working for Polaris Industries the previous 13 years.

I left a great career in the manufacturing industry to start this business because after 10 years in management roles, I learned that the most successful businesses have highly qualified people that are matched to the right positions. If the right people are in place, the right plan is in place and the culture is one of growth and continual improvement, the company will be a leader in their industry every time!

We’ve placed hundreds of great candidates with manufacturing companies across the upper Midwest. In each case, the company benefited by hiring a true “A Player” who exceeded their expectations and many have been promoted! The candidates were matched with a company they can thrive in, they are now excited to get up and go to their new career each day and it truly changed their life!

Crystal Lusk

Chief Operating Officer

After spending 11 years as an internal contributor to the manufacturing industry I decided to utilize the knowledge that I gained to support manufacturing companies from the outside in. I understand the positions within a manufacturing organization along with the types of people that become the key contributors.

I feel that long-term success within any organization requires talent that is coupled with a cultural fit to ensure that a sustainable team is created!

Jen Spiegel

Executive Recruiter

After spending 10 years in Purchasing, I understand the world of Supply Chain and what companies look for when building a strong team.

My focus is to identify & connect with the top purchasing and supply chain talent within the manufacturing industry. I am committed to developing strong partnerships with clients & candidates by taking an informed approach, listening to their goals and challenges and partnering with each to meet their needs.

I believe that long term success within any organization requires the ability to learn and adapt to changes while delivering results!

Liz Meixner


I’ve spent over 19 years working in the manufacturing world in many different areas of expertise.  A few of the areas that I have spent my time strengthening my various skills are Quality, Project/Program Management, Sales and Procurement.  During this time I have also worked closely with professionals throughout all the levels of manufacturing to understand the ins and outs of companies as a whole.

I feel that long-term success with a company is compatibility and adaptability on both sides of the relationship.

David Reller


In the span of my career, I have represented various steel, pipe and valve distributors, fabrication shops and plastic compression and injection molding companies. After working in sales and in management, I shifted my career trajectory and became a business owner and manager of a multi-million-dollar equipment manufacturer.

Not ready to bask in the sun in a tropical paradise, I began a new career as a Manufacturing Recruiter. My experience in hiring talent in the engineering, operations and sales fields has given me a critical eye for identifying top professionals in their class. Those candidates are out there, and it is my goal to identify and present them to our clients as their needs arise.

As a trusted partner in the job search process, we have been able to respond to our candidate’s career objectives by marketing their unique skillsets to a myriad of our clients creating a win-win for both parties.

With a strong recruiting group at Connectology, my intent is to provide the best level of expertise and commitment for your hiring and onboarding needs.

Great talent is rarely looking. Connectology can help you find the most skilled professionals for your organization.
Finding a great opportunity isn’t an accident. It takes hard work and a professional advantage. Take the first step toward your future.