What Is Sustainable Manufacturing and How Will It Impact the Future?

You may have heard the phrase sustainable manufacturing. What is sustainable manufacturing, and how will it impact the future? Here’s a brief overview.

What Is Sustainable Manufacturing?

According to the United States, Environmental Protection Agency, “Sustainable manufacturing is the creation of manufactured products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. Sustainable manufacturing also enhances employee, community and product safety.”

That sounds overly complicated, so let’s break it down.

  • The creation of manufactured products
    This is straight forward. Manufacturing is the process of making products on a large scale.
  • Through economically-sound processes
    Most of us love the idea of environmentally friendly industries. However, companies need to make money too. After all, organizations that aren’t economically-sound aren’t sustainable. They will go out of business.   
  • That minimize negative environmental impacts
    Most human activities (even camping) disrupt the environment in some way. The goal is to do the least amount of damage. Sustainable manufacturing seeks to avoid wasteful practices and reduce pollution.
  • While conserving energy and natural resources
    Over-consuming resources take a toll on our planet. And, the world we leave behind may not be able to support the needs of future generations. In sustainable manufacturing, companies think about tomorrow and not just today.
  • Enhances employee, community and product safety
    Safety is another element in sustainable manufacturing. An organization may be ecofriendly. But if they treat their workers poorly and produce faulty products, they still are putting people, as well as their business, at risk.

How Will Sustainable Manufacturing Impact the Future?

Companies Will Go Beyond Green

As you can see from the definition above. Sustainability isn’t simply about being environmentally friendly. Also, organizations must be financially responsible and safety conscious.

Companies Will Use Sustainability Efforts to Build Their Brands

Smart businesses no longer sell only their product; they advertise their brand and their values too. Sustainable organizations attract customers who want to buy environmentally friendly goods. Plus, they improve the morale of their employees. Altogether, they are working to make the world a better place. Now, that’s a company people are proud to support.     

Companies Will Address Sustainability in a More Formal Manner

In the past, organizations often reacted to problems as they occurred. Today, businesses are taking a coordinated, integrated, and long-term approach. Rather than merely following the rules to stay out of trouble, they are looking to innovate and strategize. These companies hope their efforts will allow them to become not only sustainable but also more competitive in the marketplace.     

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