Soft Skills Manufacturing Employees Should Have

If you’re looking for a manufacturing job, you KNOW technical skills are important. However, to be a valuable employee, you need non-technical and people skills too. Here are some of the soft skills manufacturing employees should have.  

Top Soft Skills for Manufacturing Employees 


Manufacturing employees seldom complete projects on their ownJust like machines, the individual parts need to work together to create a final productThis may involve exchanging ideas, cooperating with various departments, assisting colleagues and successfully managing conflicts.     


To work well with a team, communication is essential. Manufacturing employees should be able to clearly explain concepts both verbally and in writing. Listening is important as wellAfter allcollaboration requires two-way communication.  

Attention to Detail 

A single mistake can jam a machine or result in a faulty product. And this in turn, could cause unnecessary downtime or even damage a company’s reputation. Therefore, manufacturing employees must work accurately and either catch errors before they happen or correct them as quickly as possible.   


When a factory is short-staffed, everyone onsite suffers. Of course, everyone gets sick or needs a day off now and then. Nevertheless, manufacturing employees should be reliable. This means showing up for scheduled shifts, arriving on time and completing project when (or before) they are due. 

Problem Solving 

Despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes things go wrong. Machines break down, raw materials don’t arrive on time or a process is less effective than anticipated. Talented manufacturing employees use their know-how to fix or minimize these obstacles.  


In manufacturing, by-the-book technical skills aren’t enough to design and produce a superior product. Top manufacturing employees dream up innovative ideas. These may include more efficient production methods, inventive solutions to overcoming roadblocks and exciting new product lines or upgrades.    

A Willingness to Learn 

Tomorrow’s factory will look different than today’s. Thus, manufacturing employees must stay up to date on the latest advances AND understand how to apply the latest technology. Many companies offer in-house training or upskilling, but oftenlearning needs to be self-directed too  

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