Setting Employee Social Media Standards

Online posts by your workers can reflect either negatively or positively on your company. Does your team know what’s acceptable? If not, use these tips to set employee social media standards. 

Setting Employee Social Media Standards

Explain Why You Have Employee Social Media Standards 

Some people feel workplace social media guidelines infringe on their individual rights. As a result, it’s important to introduce policies in the right way. Remember, social media standards should protect not only the organization and the brand but also employeesFor example, social media policy may require a business to ask permission before posting a picture of an employee. Ultimatelyclearly defined guidelines (and potential consequences) help everyone to recognize exactly what’s expected.  

Address Legal Issues 

Some rules, such as copyright laws, apply to all U.S. workers. Others will be specific to your company. For instance, an employee may have access to confidential customer information or sign off on a non-disclosure agreement. Be sure to clarify what information employees are NOT allowed to share.    

Establish a Code of Conduct 

Most organizations already have a code of conduct in place. Employees need to understand this code applies to their business AND public personal social media accounts. Items to address could include hate speech, threats of violence, harassment and discriminatory comments. 

Explain the Rules of Engagement 

To keep everyone accountableyou also should address HOW workers can share informationFedEx employees must request permission before conducting official business through a personal account. And at Adidas, team members must add social media disclaimers stating they are an individual and not a spokesperson.   

Encourage Employees to Participate 

Of course, your social media standards shouldn’t simply be a list of DON’Ts. Having employees promote your organization online can be a wonderful way to expand your reach and build your brand. Give examples of how your team can join in the conversation. Just keep in mindto create an authentic experience. Never require people to participate. 

Provide a Point of Contact 

When your employees have a question or if they make a mistakethey should immediately know where to turnDesignate a social media point person and encourage your workers to check in whenever necessary. Having a troubleshooter readily available allows you to avoid problems and address issues quickly. 

Update as Needed 

Social networks, functionality and platforms change overnight. What’s revolutionary today may be outdated tomorrow. Thereforedon’t develop a social media policy and stash it away in a drawer. Instead, create a fluid document open to interpretation, suggestions and change. 

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