Metal Fabrication Career Path Options

Are you thinking about pursuing a job in metal fabrication? Are you wondering where this position could lead? Here’s an overview of metal fabrication career path options. 

What You Need To Know About Becoming a Metal Fabricator

What Does a Metal Fabricator Do? 

Metal fabricators work in a manufacturing setting. They use a variety of tools and machines to make and fit parts together. Processes may include cutting, burning, welding, machining, forming and assembling. 

What Skills Do You Need? 

Most metal fabricators have a high school education plus on-the-job trainingAlso, you should enjoy working with your hands. Strong basic math and problem-solving skills are helpful as are classes and/or training in drafting, reading blueprints and welding. In addition, be prepared for the physical aspects of the role. Although power tools and machinery have made tasks like tightening bolts and lifting parts easier, the job still requires strength and endurance.  

Which Industries Employ Metal Fabricators?   

Metal fabricators may work in any of the following industries: 

  • Aerospace & Aircraft 
  • Architectural & Structural Metals 
  • Automotive  
  • Computer & Electronics 
  • Machinery Manufacturing 
  • Ship & Boat Building 

Of course, there are many other specialized areas too. Ultimately, metal fabricators create everything from heavy equipment to toys.  

How Should You Decide Which Path to Pursue? 

If you have a special interest in something like cars or airplanes, your choice probably will be straightforward. However, if you’re not sure what you want to do that’s fine too. Sometimes it’s wise to experiment since you may prefer one type of working environment over another. Consider beginning your search at a nearby shop. You could either ask about entry-level positions or see if you can shadow someone for a day. If you don’t know of any companies that employ metal fabricators, try calling a local staffing agency instead. Their recruiters would be happy to match you with career-building opportunities. And remember, even if you don’t love a particular role, many skills are transferable. More experience leads to greater flexibility.  

Are You Ready to Start Your Metal Fabrication Career? 

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