Manufacturers, Should You Be on LinkedIn?

If you work in manufacturing, you may think you don’t need a LinkedIn account. After all, isn’t LinkedIn primarily for business professionals? Although this group does represent a sizable portion of the community, LinkedIn can benefit workers in other industries too. 

Here are seven reasons why you should consider opening a LinkedIn account. 

  1. It’s Relatively Easy and Free 
    Even if you don’t think you will use LinkedIn, setting up a profile only takes about 30 minutes. And, unless you sign up for the premium service, you don’t have to pay. Ultimately, it probably won’t hurt, and it might help. However, you should plan to check in every month or so. You don’t want your account to look incomplete or abandoned. 
  2. Many Manufacturers ARE on LinkedIn 
    According to 2016 data, manufacturing ranked #33 on LinkedIn’s most represented industries. This is below the #1 spot-information technology and far above the #148 spot-ranching. Not all manufacturing companies and employees have LinkedIn accounts, but some do. 
  3. LinkedIn Could Help You Land a Job 
    Many hiring managers and recruiters work across multiple industries. They may be searching for accountants, HR professionals, AND quality control managers. Being one of a smaller number of manufacturers with a LinkedIn account could work to your advantage. You will have greater visibility, access to additional job postings and an edge over the competition.
  4. Your LinkedIn Profile Doubles as an Extended Resume 
    Most experts recommend keeping your resume to a single page, but sometimes you wish you could include more skills and experiences. Add this information to your LinkedIn profile. If a hiring manager looks at your social media accounts (and most do), you could appear to be an even more marketable candidate.
  5. LinkedIn Allows You to Stay Current on Industry Trends 
    Organizations, such as the National Association of Manufacturers – NAM, regularly publish industry-related news on their LinkedIn pages. Checking your feed is a fantastic way to keep up to date with recent developments. Plus, the LinkedIn app makes it simple to read articles on the go. 
  6. You Can Learn More About Companies of Interest 
    If you are thinking about applying to an organization, doing your research ahead of time is a smart idea. Social media sites, including LinkedIn, provide lots of information on businesses. By looking at their pages and reading their posts, you’ll get a better idea of what the company is all about. 
  7. LinkedIn Offers Fantastic Networking Opportunities 
    LinkedIn is a powerful tool for staying in touch with former classmates, co-workers, and supervisors. And, you don’t have to worry about losing contact with someone because their email address or phone number changed. Also, you can view other people’s connections to build your network further. For example, you may discover a friend of yours knows someone at an organization where you will be interviewing.

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